You may faithfully diet and exercise, but still have areas that are unresponsive to these weight-loss strategies. At Magnolia Medical Group in Eatonton, Georgia, you can contour these stubborn areas using noninvasive, effective low-level laser (light) therapy. To learn more about how you can reduce up to an inch of unwanted fat from your problem areas, call the office.

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How does low-level laser therapy contour the body?

You have fat that lies just below the surface of the skin known as subcutaneous fat. This fat remains stubbornly in place because your body uses the fat closest to your muscles first when you need energy instead of this subcutaneous source.

Invisa-RED low-level laser therapy (LLLT) stimulates the fat cells that are closest to the skin to release their fat to be used for energy. Other water and toxins are also released from these fat cells with your body’s natural waste-removing system. Your fat cells in stubborn spots effectively shrink, making your problem areas reduce in size.

What areas can be treated for fat loss with low-level laser therapy?

Almost any part of your body that’s unresponsive to diet and exercise can be reduced in size and effectively contoured with Invisa-RED light therapy. Common treatment areas include:

  • Waist
  • Back
  • Arms
  • Legs and buttocks
  • Hips and thighs

You may also choose to have the contouring therapy on your neck and chin.

How many treatments will I need?

Most clients see results after their first treatment, but for optimal results, the team at Magnolia Medical Group recommend a series of low-level laser therapy sessions. Exactly how many treatments you’ll need depends on several factors, including your skin tone and elasticity, and severity of any cellulite. The team at Magnolia Medical Group develop a treatment plan individualized to you that consists of multiple twice-weekly treatments, lasting 20-40 minutes per session.

Do low-level laser therapy treatments hurt or require downtime?

Low-level laser therapy requires no incisions, blood loss, or stitches. The treatments are noninvasive and pleasant. You can listen to music, scroll through your phone, or nap during a session. The team at Magnolia Medical Group makes every effort to guarantee your experience is as relaxing and comfortable as possible.

You can go right back to your daily activities following treatment. No downtime or healing is required.

To learn more about the effective, noninvasive body contouring available with Invisa-RED low-level laser therapy, call Magnolia Medical Group today .