Suboxone is one the most common aspects of opioid addiction treatment for many patients today. There’s no doubt it can be very helpful for many patients, but the effectiveness level for you may depend on several variables.

At Magnolia Medical Group, our team of elite medication-assisted treatment (MAT) specialists offers outpatient Suboxone treatment in two convenient offices in Denver and Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Our goal is to help every patient recover through a personalized treatment plan, which helps maximize the effectiveness of Suboxone. Here’s what you need to know about Suboxone effectiveness.

Suboxone effectiveness level

A Suboxone treatment plan includes oral films that you take under your tongue. The exact effectiveness level of Suboxone is still under study, but this FDA-approved drug is widely recognized as safe and effective for people struggling with opioid addiction.

One study showed that drug-related deaths were 38% lower in patients who took buprenorphine (the main ingredient in Suboxone).

Another study showed that the treatment failure rate was 100% for placebo and just 25% for buprenorphine.

Why Suboxone is so effective

Suboxone is so effective because it contains two ingredients that work in different ways to help you recover and prevent relapse.


Buprenorphine is an opioid, but it has a ceiling regarding “high” effects. Unlike other opioids, taking more buprenorphine won’t produce more euphoria. Because buprenorphine works on the same brain structures as other opioids, it makes your brain think that it got what it’s craving (a full dose of a stronger opioid).

Sweating, stomach cramps, and other awful side effects are a frequent cause of relapse, but a consistent dose of buprenorphine prevents that discomfort. This in turn reduces your relapse risk and helps you become comfortable so you can focus on your recovery.


Naloxone is a drug that works as an abuse deterrent. The body doesn’t readily absorb naloxone when taken sublingually. So, as long as you follow the treatment plan and take your oral films as directed, you won’t experience the effects of naloxone; it won’t “activate.”

However, if Suboxone is misused — for example, injected — your body does absorb the naloxone. The drug then stops opioids from binding to your brain’s opioid receptors and you won’t get any beneficial effects from opioids. In this way, naloxone is a safeguard that helps prevent relapse.

Factors that influence Suboxone effectiveness

One factor that may impact Suboxone effectiveness is the dosage. A recently released four-year study showed that people who took a lower dose of Suboxone were 20% more likely to drop out of treatment than those who took a higher dose.

But, Suboxone dosing is a highly personalized matter; not everyone needs the same dose. That’s why it’s so important to see highly experienced professionals for MAT.

Our team tailors the treatment that’s right for you and gives you a dose that works best for your body so you experience peak effectiveness. We can change your dose over time as your needs change, and you can continue Suboxone as long as you need to.

Of course, your own motivation and the level of recovery support you have can greatly influence Suboxone effectiveness as well. Suboxone is meant to be used alongside individual addiction therapy and group addiction therapy. This multifaceted recovery approach gives you the tools you need to overcome addiction and thrive in your new life.

At Magnolia Medical Group, our team of licensed addiction specialists is here to guide you through recovery, always making sure that you’re safe and have the support you need. If you’re interested in learning more about MAT with Suboxone, call either of our offices or contact us online now.

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